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Included In The Premium Marketing Package

The numbers below (1 – 16) correspond with what is included in the above Sample Premium Package page.

1 Link To The Home Profile Page
2 Firm Bio Page
3 External Linking Capability
4 Contact Information: Firm Name, Lawyers Name, Address, Phone
5 Firm Photo
6 Multilingual Translation
7 Verdicts and Settlement Page
8 Firm Logo
9 Social Media Buttons and Email Friend Button
10 Other Online Legal Listings
11 Testimonials
12 Contact Us
13 Online Click to Chat Button*
14 Video Page-You Tube
15 Add to Contacts
16 Vanity URL-Your own URL name


This is our BEST BUNDLED PACKAGE.  We recommend you to purchase additional items, such as Additional Practice Areas, Press Release, Top Featured Spot, Video Spokespersons for one or more of your pages and Legal Tracker.

One or More of These Features Can Be Added to the Premium Package

  • Additional Practice Areas Are Available (i.e. Larceny, Assault, etc.) All Packages come with (1) Practice Area and a Home Page.  The sample above is showing the Drug Crimes page with links to 4 other practice area pages (Bad Checks, Domestic Violence, DWI/DUI and Juvenile Crimes) for a total of 5 practice area pages.  Each practice area will have additional content pages written and added. This is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between us and our competition. While they give you 200-300 words to talk about everything your firm does, we give you a page for each of your practice area(s). The Premium Marketing Package comes with one practice area and additional practice areas (up to 25) can be purchased.
  • Legal Tracker-Legal Tracker is a valuable service that allows potential clients who have viewed you in the current web session, to click on the "In a Rush / Click Here" Button; which will send them your contact information immediately.  This is a must-have feature.
  • Top Featured Spot-per month (specify # months)-This feature lists you on A TOP FEATURED spot (top firms will be rotated) on the town/state search page when potential clients search for a defense lawyer. Your name will be featured in a prime position. Call customer service for more information on this incredible feature.
  • Press Release-Press Release copy is professionally written exclusively for your firm.  This Press Release is optimized and distributed via the Internet by a PR Service.  Many of our lawyers give us information that also highlights and details their winning cases, any awards they are a recipients of, their Mission and Firm's commitment to Criminal Defense, as well as recent additions to your legal staff, Promotions within your Firm, Associations you belong to, or any noteworthy information you would like to have disseminated on the Internet.
  • Integration with Video Spokesperson * – (30 sec or 60 sec) Video Spokesperson displayed anywhere, on any pages you wish. Many of our Attorneys order several: one for the home page, several for practice area pages, etc.  You will have several actors/actresses to select from. Perhaps you would like a whiteboard hand instead. We also specialize in a Firm Videos, including a Library of Videos and managing YouTube Videos as well.  Call and ask any sales person about it.  One-Time Fee CDLL creates it…you own the URL!
  • In The News-Report on your firm's newsworthy developments and successes.
  • Legal Writing-If you prefer, one of our Legal Staff writing professionals will write each profile page, each practice area page or additional pages for you according to your specifications, for an additional cost per page.




* Includes the 3rd party interface only.  There may be an additional cost for the software.