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Public Intoxication

All states, as well as many local jurisdictions make public drunkenness a violation of law. The states and local jurisdictions often treat this offense somewhat differently, some imposing fines, short jail time, or other sanctions.  The problem with public drunkenness lies in the danger of possible injury to the intoxicated person, the possibility of property damage, and either annoyance or injury to other persons.  The criteria for charging a person with public intoxication is simply having the appearance of being intoxicated by obvious physical signs, and that the person is intoxicated in a public place.  The charge is frequently one of being “drunk and disorderly.”  Although the requirement that the intoxication be in public before a charge can be made, in some states, even privately owned places like restaurants or theatres are considered public places.

List of States For Public Intoxication Lawyers

New York