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Vandalism is the deliberate and malicious destruction or defacement of private or government property without permission of the property owner.  Vandalism can be applied to an almost unlimited number of items:  buildings, personal articles, trees or plants, road signs, windows, sidewalks, tombstones, etc.   States classify vandalism using different terms, but typically under such categories as “malicious mischief,” or similar wording.  Vandalism is frequently committed by juveniles, but adults have also been charged with this offense.  Some factors making vandalism more serious are cases involving racial, ethnic, religious, or other types of offensive graffiti, which can also be classified as a hate crime or a form of harassment.  Penalties for vandalism vary by state, and can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony.  In cases involving vandalism by juveniles, restitution is common, including cleaning or repairing the damage done, or the imposition of compensation to be paid to the property owner by the parents(s) or legal guardian(s).

List of States For Vandalism Lawyers

New York